Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leaving is really so Sad!

So I haven't blogged in a while because I have been out of town and staying pretty busy.

I was down in Texas for over 2 weeks and so loved it! It's amazing how much I missed my family and friends even when I was with them. I guess it's because I know I won't be seeing everyone for a very long time.
I surprised myself at how much I wanted to cry when saying good-bye to so many people. I don't usually consider myself a very emotional person -and maybe I can blame it on the pregnancy hormones- but I have cried three times in the last three weeks!
All I can think about is that my life is going to completely change and no one will be around to change with me. I am going to have a baby and become a mother! It's just a weird concept that none of my sisters, or my mom, my best friends or anyone else from back home will be able to witness this huge event in my life. 
Besides saying goodbye to all my family and friends in Texas last week, in a month I have to say good bye to all my good friends I have made her in Montana. It's kind of amazing how much military friends become a sort of second family. Maybe it's because none of us have family around, that we have to sub in to help each other out.
Anyway, I don't want this to be a downer blog and I really am so excited about moving to England, I have always loved a good adventure and I am sure this will be the biggest so far of my life! Note many people can say they had a baby in another country:)

Enough of the sad stuff, update on moving.
Jeffrey and I will be officially flying out to London on June 1. It will be a long day of flying, but it will be nice to finally be there and start settling in. The movers are coming to pack our furniture on May 14, so this means we will have about 2 weeks without an actual place to stay. We may stay with friends, or in lodging or try to just stay in our house with an air mattress:) We're just gonna go with the flow there.

Baby News
Had an appointment yesterday, and everything is looking good. I will have one more appointment here in the states before we leave. I will have to carry all my medical information with me and won't be able to get a doctor set up in England until we get there.
I have had 2 baby showers in the past few weeks and got so much baby stuff! Our baby will surely be one of the best dressed! I think we pretty much have everything we need for Baby Beene, which is a huge help so thanks to everyone who helped us out! We really can't wait to see what the little guy will look like!
Oh, before you ask, we have not settled on a name for Baby Beene yet. We have a name in mind that we are pretty sure about, but not set in stone, I will for sure let everyone know when we decide:)

All-in-all Jeffrey and I are going to miss all of you more than we can every say, but we know there is a lot of excitement in front of us and are looking forward. We are up for the challenge of becoming parents and figuring it out should be an adventure on its own!