Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The realities of pregnancy...for me

So when I started this blog I really wanted it to be real, and truly describe whats going on in my life. I didn't want it to be the cover up version that so many people tell. So I have decided to describe my pregnancy and besides being the miracle of life, what it is really about:)

Now I know that every woman's pregnancy experience is different, but mine started out pretty easy I must say. When I found out I was pregnant, I wasn't quite sure what to think, but to be honest nothing about me felt any different. Thankfully, I didn't really have any "morning sickness" or any other symptoms for that matter. I didn't "feel" pregnant as some women say they do, to be honest I felt exactly the same. I think it was that fact that made it kind of hard for me to believe I was actually growing a human inside of me! I wore all the same clothes for about 4-5 months and didn't start "showing" until maybe 20ish weeks. When I say "showing" I mean had a little belly that was obvious to me and other people who knew I was pregnant, to anyone else, I probably just looked bloated and a little chunk. After 20ish weeks I started not fitting into some of my clothes and jeans mostly, but pretty much still felt the same. Besides gaining some weight, again not too much of any change with anything effecting my daily life. At 25ish weeks, I felt as if my belly was noticeable to the outside observer, but still small enough to be a bump and fit under clothes in a kinda cute way. At this point I developed a sort of sleeping problem and found it very difficult to sleep. Not necessarily because I was so uncomfortable, but I just couldn't sleep. This lasted for a while and had been my most annoying pregnancy symptom up until this point.
Starting at about week 30 is when when the pregnancy itself started to actually be really apparent to me. Gradually things started to change with my body and I couldn't do the normal every day things I had been doing all throughout my pregnancy. Virtually no pre-pregnancy clothes were fitting, I started seeing HUGE weight gain. It's one thing to know you are going to gain weight, but when you see it on the scale and the number the doctor writes down, it is a whole other thing. Around week 35 is when it seemed like the mother load hit. Just as I thought I would get through pregnancy with no major problems, it was like attack of the symptoms! Feet  started to swell where I can't hardly wear any of my shoes, walking became oddly uncomfortable. Weird aches and pains became a normal part of the day, I discovered stretch marks that got bigger by the day, and other weird/gross things happened to my body that I never could happen (a little too gross to actually write in a blog:). I also began feeling very unattractive and it seems like nothing or wore or did to me hair made me look any cuter. Also everything I do is just so much more complicated. For instance, doing the dishes makes my back hurt because i can't stand close to the sink because my belly gets in the way so I have to try and slouch over. Also just moving from side to side in bed is a major chore and requires a lot of effort. Bending down to get anything, or simply to shave my legs is almost impossible.I sometimes look at the pictures of of my friends on facebook who post belly pics when they are 23 weeks along and they are all still cute and it just makes me think "just wait another 10 weeks and you'll see"!

As I am here in my last 2 weeks of pregnancy (maybe less, not more for sure because my doc and I have decided not to let me go past week 40!) I am thankful it is coming to an end. I am ready to get this part over with and start the part where I have a baby. People keep telling me that the first couple weeks after labor practically suck. I mean yes you have a brand new baby that is so exciting, but I have heard from nearly everyone that has a kid how exhausting, overwhelming, and simply insane the first few weeks after delivery can be. I have heard about the post-pardon pain, the bleeding, the zero sleep and so on, so I have to say I am ready to get that started and over with as well. I am ready to begin the next chapter, so come on baby!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some of our house

Hey all, everyone has been bugging me to send pics of the house so here some are. It is just the downstairs because the upstairs is still not completely put together:)

Dinning Room
Living Room
We welcome you from Texas and Montana!

Living/dining Combo

The back side of our house (oh and me at almost 37 weeks preggo:)

Some other info and updates is that we finally did get a new crib since the old one is no longer alive. We are getting it delivered on Tuesday along with a new book shelf that was also critically damaged in the move. After the crib is up, I will gladly post pics of the Baby's room:) Speaking of Baby, I have officially packed my hospital bag and the bag for lil' Max. Since I went to the doctor last week, she told me I may go earlier than my due date due to the fact that I was already dilated. So, we'll see:) Oh, also Jeffrey and I tried to attach the car seat today in his little car ( Our new Ford Edge is still on a ship somewhere in the ocean) I heard something about it before, but we proved that American car seats will NOT fit in a British car...So we have a couple options. Either we buy a whole new car seat for Jeff's car, or we just wait and hope our car arrives here before Max does:) I think we are going with the latter and if for some reason Max gets here before the car, then we will buckle down and buy another car seat I guess. Or, there is always the option of simply walking (of course I would drive and Jeff could walk Max:) home from the hospital. The hospital where I will deliver is less than a mile from our house which has come in very handy:) We'll play it by ear.

Everything else is still going good, We should get our Internet finally set up in our house this weekend, and Labor Rehearsal is this week too! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quick Update

Sorry for being a little out-of-the-loop the past few days. I just wanted to post this blog to let everyone know how we are doing and not to worry if we don't respond to messages/emails:)

So we got into our house on Friday, and got our household goods delivered on Wednesday, the 4th of July. We didn't get a chance to do anything cool for the holiday since we were unpacking all day, but thats ok as I am just happy to have our stuff. Of course everything did not arrive from across the seas in perfect condition. Our crip and desk were pretty much completly smashed and un-useable. So I am not sure how long it will take TMO to get us a quote and some money for a new crib...but we'll see:)
Since then we have just been unpacking. We don't have internet at our house and won't for 2 whole weeks! We are at the club on base using wi-fi right now. So also the 3g phone connection at our house and around base it super bad, so if sorry if we haven't been able to reply to texts or emails very well. I will try and stay in touch the best I can when I can get internet.
 I am feeling good and excited to finally be able to set up the baby room:) I found my first couple stretch marks on my belly the other day, it was a little sad. I was hoping I could be one of those women who go through pregnancy without them, but no such luck:( My next doc appointment is a week from today and Jeffrey and I have a labor rehearsal class coming up too! Alot to do and prepare for, but all is good and we are figuring it out here!