Saturday, June 30, 2012


Thought I would write a blog although not too much has been going on here. Mostly ALOT of sitting around and waiting....waiting I feel like I've become an expert!

As some of you know, we were supposed to get into our house this past Thursday, but on late Wednesday afternoon, the housing office decided to call Jeff and let him know we wouldn't be able to get into the house after all. As it always seems to happen, Jeff was in training all last week and wasn't able to have his phone on him, so he got the message around 4...with most offices on base closing by 4:30, we had a little bit of stress! I was able to call the housing office and get a sort of answer as to what was going on. Apparently, the former family in the house had failed their house inspection so everything was pushed back... Why the housing office could not have told us this sooner, I have no idea. Anyway, since we were supposed to get our house, we were scheduled to check out of TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility) on Thursday, and this being heavy PCS season, they were all booked up in the lodging and we couldn't stay in our room. After some negotiating, we managed to get a small hotel type room across base for the next few days. Of course since Jeff still had his week of training, the room move was all up to me:) Jeff loaded up all the heavy bags in the car the night before so I wouldn't have to worry about that, but bright and early I was up to haul all our luggage and aqured groceries and things from one side of base to another. (Now I know this task doesn't seem all that difficult, but something about being preggo makes a girl feel so helpless I swear!) Anyway, of course the new room is on the second floor ( I asked about ground floor, but they were all booked up:( ) So there I am in the parking lot of the new room and I pull all our big and heavy bags out of the car and onto the pavement. As I stood there wondering how in the world I was going to get these very heavy bags inside and up the stairs, 3 airmen happened to be walking by and offered to help! (Again with the being pregnant and looking helpless bit I guess) Thank God they were there honestly, because I really think there is no way I could have gotten that stuff upstairs in my state:) So after a few more trips back and forth between rooms, I managed the switch! So, the new move in date for our house is now July 2, which is Monday. I am beyond excited to be in a house again, we are getting cable set up that day, a new TV delivered, some rental furniture delivered, and some newly bought furniture delivered as well! It's gonna be a big day, so we better not get pushed back another day!
As far as household goods go, we got an email saying our stuff had arrived in country, but was going through customs and they would let us know when they could deliver. Not sure what that means, or when we will get our stuff, but heres hoping next week or the week after. Living out of a suitcase for over 6 weeks is starting to get a little monotonous. I'm ready for my own stuff!

With not a lot going on, Jeff and I have been trying to do stuff. We had our trip to Warwick Castle last weekend and that was fun, although the walking was not so fun for my feet. We have tried some of the local pubs around the place too, but mostly just hung out. We have seen several movies on base this past week, well what can I say the base theater is walking distance away and super cheap too! With Jeff gone for training last week, I managed to get through 3 seasons of Desperate Housewives (a show I have always wanted to watch, but never did, it's kind of ridculous though) and finished the 6th Harry Potter! I've also managed to get in some extra sleep with naps and sleeping in. I'm so happy I can finally sleep again! I mean I still wake up at least 2 times a night to pee, but at least I can mostly fall back to sleep. I think I am making up for my weeks of sleepless nights a while ago. It has been a lazy weekend so far, with Jeff and I taking walks around base and simply hanging out. Tomorrow we have a BBQ with his flight to go to, so that will be nice and then hopefully on Monday we will finally have a house! I'll post pics of the inside of the place as soon as I can!

So more waiting as we wait for Max to get here...almost 35 weeks and feeling fine. I can't believe he is gonna be here so soon! in 2 weeks I will be considered "full term" and could go into labor! I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore, as the last months of pregnancy are not very comfortable, but I am getting more excited to meet this little baby that has been growing inside of me for so long! I have been trying to figure out a birth plan of sorts, but I have heard labor isn't the type of thing you can even plan at I'm having a difficult time deciding what to include in this so called "plan".  Oh, also, I have been trying to figure out a way to let everyone know when I do go into labor since our phones aren't the most reliable and neither is our internest situation. (and I checked the WIFI in the hospital where I will be giving birth is really bad!) So basically Jeff and I are thinking that we will just be able to call parents and thats it:( Hopefully they will be able to notify other family members too. Otherwise, just keep an eye on facebook status for a baby update:)

Anyway, thats all for now, if any of you have tried texting me in the past few days, I may not have gotton it becasue our internet in this new room is really bad and starting Monday, we won't have internet in our house for about a week and communication might be a little iffy after this weekend:) But we let you about any updates:)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

33 weeks

     Here are a few pictures from this week. The above picture is my 33 week belly pic, sorry the bathrom is so messy. I ended up getting another ultrasound here at this base today. The image below is kind of  hard to see because Max is so big now. But it is a picture of the side of his face with his hand up by his eye. They said he weighs approximatly 4lbs and 8oz right now. He is for sure a boy too:)

Looking forward to getting our house next week and being able to move in:) 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


After the depressing emotional mess that was my last blog, I am feeling better and ready to blog in a more positive note:)

Pregnancy/ Baby Update:
I have recently been suffering from heart burn (which is so wierd feeling since I had never had it before). It comes upon me every night, but I keep my handy tums on the bed stand, so its not terrible yet.

Also, I must express my worsening frustration in trying to find somthing to wear that is not yoga pants and t-shirts. It seems maternity pants just don't work for me as I can't seem to find any that remontly fit. Either they are so huge and slide off all day where I am constantly pulling them up or they are so tight around my butt that there is no way I can wear them for an extended amount of time. I would love to just stick to dresses and shorts (I have actually found one pair of maternity jean shorts that fit and I love) but it is actually quite chilly and rainy here and have not been able to wear shorts for an entire day without freezing my legs off. Also those huge bands of stretchy material at the top of maternity pants just makes my belly itch like crazy! So since I have a very limited wardrobe right now any way (still living out of a suitcase) I find myself wearing the exact same things every week...and they aren't cute things. Although I don't really like being the frumpy pregnant lady who only wears sweats- and I told myself I never would be- I am finding as I'm getting larger and larger that is they only thing I can wear comfortably. The same things go for shoes, I only packed about 6 pairs of shoes, 3 of which are tennis shoes and 2 are flip flops...Although I haven't yet had any problems with my feet swelling, but I am so ready for the day where I can wear my cute shoes comfortably again!

I finally have gotton an appointment with an OB next week, on Monday. So that was a huge hassle and a huge relief. I also got signed up with several baby classes they offer here at the base hospital so that was also positive.

Max has been kicking insanly, I have to say sometimes it is down right painful and when he kicks me in the bladder, somtimes I don't know how I manage not to pee my pants right then and there! (Sorry if that was tmi)

I also find it more and more uncomfortbale to sleep because I can't seem to get comfortable and the pillows here in the hotel are not helping in the slightest. (I think Jeffrey and I have become somewhat of pillow snobs anyway) I just couldnt handle the crap pillows here and we went out and bought some amazing, amazing pillows that were well worth the money! The last 2 nights sleeping with them has been so much better! I don't care what anyone says, get your self a good expensive pillow and it will save your life! (Especially if you're pregnant, but Jeffrey doesn't mind it either)

What I have been doing lately:
We have managed to get a few things done around here despite the fact that we won't be able to move into our house until June 28. Still no word on when we will recieve our household goods, but fingers crossed it will be in July sometime. We can get rental furniture for our house for the time before our stuff gets there. We bought some new furniture here too ( a futon and a recliner (( I am dying to use the recliner now!))). We also took and got our British drivers licenseses. I barely passed the test, but what can I say it's been years since I actually had to take a test of any kind:)

-Oh, I got myself a library card and was able to check-out some movies and TV series I wanted to catch up on anyhow. (I had forgotton about the good old fashioned library!) I also have several knitting projects to work on as well, so keeping occupyed much better now:)

Tomorrow is Jeffrey's birthday and we plan to do dinner and movie in Bury, since it's also a down day, he gets to sleep in, which is nice for him:) Saturday we are going to the Queen's Birthday parade downtown and London and next weekend we signed up to do a trip down to Warwick Castle. So we are getting out and about after all:)

I will try to post some more pictures soon. I'm sure we will have some from our weekend excursions, but I not looking my best so posting pictures of myself is a little scary these days:)

Sad recent events that happened to one of my dear friends, has reminded me just how precious life is and that I shouldn't let the small things bother. It is the important things in life that matter, and some things just worrying about them will not help anybody. Plus my "problems" could be so much worse and and I thank God every day for everything that He has given me!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Simply Whelmed...

Over the past few days I have felt completely stressed and busy yet also extremely bored and under stimulated. I have been both overwhelmed and underwhelmed, and I can't decide which is worse.

Recently I have been so frustrated I just want to scream and cry. Maybe my pregnancy emotions are again to blame for them, if so, I have to say that they (pregnancy hormones) are not making this move any easier. Besides the whole issue with trying to get a doctor on base, which is a separate issue in itself, nothing seems to be getting completely done. It seems as if we finally figure out something, another problem or issue arises.

Which brings me to baby stuff. I feel so unprepared, but there is nothing I can do to become more prepared for when he arrives. I feel like there is so much I already don't know about being a parent that not being able to set up his nursery or pack my hospital bag is making me feel even worse. A lot of my friends I see on facebook who are pregnant have the room all set up and are constantly talking about how excited they are for their little bundle of joy to arrive...they sound so prepared and all it does is make me feel less ready to become a mom. I know they told us when we got our stuff packed up that is was possible we wouldn't get any of our furniture until a week before Max is due, but at the time it still seemed like such a long time away that it didn't seem to hit me. As weeks go by, I am starting to get really anxious about not having anything ready! I hate just sitting here waiting and doing nothing to help myself realize that in a matter of weeks I will have a baby! Wow, there are so many problems, issues, and questions I have about having a baby that I had simply put out of my mind before, but it seems like it's all I can think about lately and it's driving me crazy!

Then there is the part about trying to do Britishy things and enjoy England when I don't have anything figured out. I feel lame sitting here in the room all day, but what am I supposed to do? I don't have a car, I guess I could use Jeff's car but A. I have no idea where I am going half the time and B. What would I do all by myself? People keep asking me if I am enjoying England and if it feel so different being a different country and if I have got to see cool things....All I have been trying to do is set up my life here, and its way more stressful than I thought. Plus it's weird enough having to get used to not having the normal small things you get used to in the States. Simple things like Netflix to watch any of your favorite shows when your bored, being able to call and or text any of your friends or family because they are all in the same time zone, or even being able to drive to a local Walmart or Target to shop around for your everyday items... Even as I type this stuff it sounds terribly petty, and I know it is...

I am trying to stay positive and tomorrow I am going to Spouses Club event, so maybe I will be able to meet a few people there, plus it gives me something to do.

I know I shouldn't complain, because it truly is awesome that we are here, in England getting to do all this. I know in a few months, once I make friends and get settled with Max, that everything will be much better. But after having such great friends and support system back in Montana, I really forgot how hard moving far away really is.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Sunday, June 3-
At 7am (about midnight in the states), we arrive in London! After the plane landed we, of course, were hustled into the long line for customs. We didn't have to wait too long and came out of the line with our checked bags waiting for us. Jeffrey's sponsor over here (aka the guys who's job Jeff is taking over) was supposed to be there to pick us up at the airport. This presented a little bit of a problem because neither of us had any idea what this guy looked like haha. Anyway, Jeff ended up calling the guy from a payphone (which is weird enough that they still have those) and he was running late, so we had some time to linger around the London airport. We got some money changed over to pounds, and just tried not to fall asleep while people watching.
Once Jeff's sponsor got there, his name is Rick, we loaded all our luggage into his truck and began the 2 hour rainy drive from the airport to RAF Mildenhall. I tried to pay attention to where we were going and the road laws and signs, but I couldn't help nodding off several times. It didn't help that Jeff and Rick were discussing work and what all his job entails...( any military spouse out there knows how interesting work talk can be ((sarcasm)).
We finally get to the base around 10:30am and check into our temporary lodging, which is nice and kind of like a mini apartment. We pretty much just dropped our stuff, took showers and fell into bed. We both slept until 6pm that night. The only reason we woke up is because Rick and his wife wanted to take us out for dinner that night. Around 7:15pm we met up with them they took us to a fun Indian restaurant in the nearby town of Norfolk. The town was really cute and there was live music in the streets. It was rainy and cold, but the Brits were still out there with umbrellas having a good old time! I had had Indian food in Australia before, but it was the first time for Jeffrey. We both really liked it and think it may be one of our favs now!
Once back in the room, we immediately went back to sleep, after family Skype date of course:)

Monday, June 4-
Sleep didn't last long though as we both woke up at around 3am... We watched a few episodes of our new fav HBO show Game of Thrones, which we now have on dvd, ate some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (its the only food we had) and tried to go back to sleep around 6am. Jeff's alarm went off around 9:30am because he had to start doing some in-processing. I, on the other hand, got to sleep in until about 11:30:) Since I had no cell phone or anyway to get a hold of Jeff I had no idea when he was coming back for the day or how long he'd be gone (it really is so weird not having cell phones these days). I tried to busy myself around the place cleaning up and attempting laundry. Once he got back, we headed out to the bank to set up a British pounds account. (Apparently you have to have a separate account for England because they do the routing different and you have to pay your local bills like cell phones, rent and things like through British pounds). Anyway, that took forever to set up and I almost fell asleep right there. Jeff had some briefings to attend after that so I was on my own to explore. I walked around base and got some groceries at the commissary, checked out the on base car dealership and did some shopping at the BX. Again, not having a phone, I left a note for Jeff at the room to let him know where I was, it was kinda fun writing a note, teehee felt so old school:) Anyway, once he got home we started the car buying process for our new Ford Edge. We also managed to get our new cell phones set up and interestingly enough, they don't charge for any new phones here, only the plans. So needless to say, we both got brand new free iphones:) The rest of the night consisted of setting up the new phones and chatting with people back home. Which brings me to now, I could absolutely not sleep tonight! I tried reading, (I'm on the 5th Harry Potter btw) but managed to stay up until the Spurs game came on...the Spurs are kinda sucking...I hope they pull it through!
So that is all that has happened so far...sorry for some of the pointless details, but hey. Tomorrow hopefully we will go talk to housing, finish buying the car and get me a doctor:)