Friday, March 22, 2013

A List of VERY late resolutions.

Ok, so I have been meaning to post a list of things I want to improve about myself or do better. I meant to do it around New Years, but, of course, it never got done. So here it is.

1. NOT BAIL. It is so easy to have excuses not to do things when you have a baby. Seriously, you can pretty much blame anything on them and people can't really say much. It's not like someone is gonna say "You're baby isn't really sick, bring him out anyway". Plus it is honestly so much easier at times just stay in and not have to get everything ready to go, worry about if your baby is going to be fussy, or if its going to to interrupt his nap time. One of my hugest pet peeves, is when people bail on doing something last minute, when they previously said they would. I mean coming up with a bad excuse is one thing, but just not showing is so much worse! But then I got to thinking, holy crap, I am guilty of doing this exact thing! There have been many times where I am just not feeling like going out of the house and putting makeup on, so I make up and excuse...It is really annoying of me too. So I have decided to REALLY try and not do this. Unless there is an actual legitimate excuse, I am going to try and make myself do things and not cancel! A legitimate excuse being that Max or myself is Actually sick, with a fever or cold or what not, or something that I HAVE to do came up instead. Otherwise, if I said I am going, I am going!
2. PUT MY BIG GIRL PANTIES ON. This kind of goes hand in hand with the first one, but I really need to start manning up and doing things by myself, (or just me and Max) especially since Jeff is leaving in a few days. I still get so nervous about bringing Max out in public...I really do think that having him alone on the terrible flight a few months ago, seriously scared me. It was the worst feeling of my life and I honestly get sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Driving around England makes me nervous enough since the roads are all weird and tiny, so that in itself make me not want to go anywhere farther than 10 minutes away. But having to worry if Max is going to be crazy is the other major part. Well, I have decided it is time to get over it. Yes, I am still pretty terrified, but other people/moms can do it so so can I! I just have to make myself, otherwise I know I will be stuck at home forever.
3. MAKE FRIENDS! I think I got spoiled in Montana because I was able to make such good friends really quickly. Pretty much right away, I had good friend who I could tell anything too, and I miss so much! I have always needed good friends in my life and even though I have moved around a lot in my life, I was always able to make some relatively fast. Here is has been different. It gave me a huge shock to realize that in 2 months we will have lived in England for a year! Wow I can't believe how time flies! I know this time it has been different because of the baby, making it much harder to get out (thus the upper resolutions), but yikes. I  mean I am not completed lame, I do have a few friends here that I really like and we have started to get together. I know making close friends sometimes takes a while. ( and I feel like it is different with moms, because everyone has such different view on parenting and it can sometimes get really tense when moms don't agree) I just really miss being able just call someone and be like, hey im coming over to hang out and wathc movies, or lets jut talk, or hey lets grab dinner....I need to try harder to make friends here, because I REALLY miss it.
4. WEAR LIP COLOR. This one is slightly off from the other ones, but still important. Every few years or so try and change my makeup routine and I really want to make lip color a staple. Every time I see a photo of myself, I think "man my lips need some color" but yet I hardly wore and color because lipstick was always a pain. Well, I have changed that and am have several different color of lip stains which I wear whenever I put makeup on. It last mostly all day and I can just put gloss over it through out the day.
5. FLOSS. Man I just hate flossing so much! It takes time and is annoying and gross. I really just hate it, but every time I got to the dentist they always ask me, "how often do you floss?" I say "Umm... not very often". The they say " So like twice a week?" and I lie saying "Sure". Truth is I rarely floss at all, and I know it is important so I am going to really make an effort to so it twice a week at least so I don't have to lie to the dentist haha.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some Baby/Mom Items that We Couldn't Live Without!

So, when I was pregnant I asked other mom's what were some baby items that they loved, and I always learned some new things, so here is my experience so far on what baby items Max and I LOVE! If I ever have another child, I will for sure be buying them or reusing them again!
I know not every baby likes the same things, so these items may or may not work for you and your little one, but Max is feisty, particular, and squirmy little baby who is always moving and reaching, so these items work for a baby like him!

(in no particular order)

1. This teething necklace has been so so so wonderful! I have two, in different colors, and wear them every single time I go out anywhere with Max. I originally wanted one so that I could wear it while I nursed to give Max something to look at/hold on to. It works for that, but it is the best teether ever! It is always accessible whenever Max wants it, and it never falls on the floor and gets dirty since I wear it around my neck! Max can yank on the necklace and it won't break, and he loves just playing with it! Plus, its not terrible to look at and really kind of looks like a real necklace so a simple accessory! 

Watching a football game!
2. Nap Nanny Chill! Ok, so I know these were recalled and a huge deal was made about them, but all baby items, when used INCORRECTLY, could cause harm. This product is great for us because it was the only thing Max would sit in for a while. Since he has reflux, it kept him propped up with being sitting up. He would nap in it when he was little because he didn't have to be on flat his back (which he hated) Max hated his baby swing and would survive in the bouncer for only a few minutes, but for some reason this Nap Nanny has been awesome for us! Just give him some toys to play with, or sit there with him and talk to him and he stayed pretty happy in it! He still uses this at 7 months old. We can put him in it with a toy and he'll sit there and watch TV (yes, I suppose I am one of those moms who let their baby watch TV for a while, but he's happy so oh well:) He doesn't like it as much now because he can now sit up and is trying to crawl so he sometimes tries to squirm out, but it has straps so it's fine. I think we will keep out for a while still. Again, great baby product for us and even though it was kinda pricey it was way worth it for sure! My mom even got one for her house when we were down there, so Max could be happy:) I am not sure where you can buy these now that they are recalled... maybe craigslist? But a great buy especially for a baby with reflux!

3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo- This is the only toy Max really likes. He will jump in this thing for probably about 30 minutes at a time! He just loves jumping like crazy and spinning all the toys! We started putting him in it when he was just under 5 months old, and now at 7 months he is still loving it! I am thinking he may change his attitude towards it when he starts crawling, but so far he loves it! It great because he can't escape from it and I can put him in it and make dinner, fold laundry or really get anything done! Again, a little expensive, but by far the best baby toy item we have bought!

4. Bobby Pre-Natal Cuddle Pillow. I love this pillow because it has so many uses! The regular Boppy Pillow is pretty well known and has a pretty good reputation already, but I actually liked this one better. The pre-natal pillow, was a great use for sleeping during pregnancy. I took this pillow everywhere, even on the plane when we traveled to England. It is a good shape for using when you sleep, ( I had the hardest time sleeping while pregnant, but this pillow helped) You can put it between your knees when you sleep, or just under your belly and then cuddle with the top part. I thought it was a great pillow because it wasnt as huge as a full body pillow so it didnt get in the way when I tossed and turned in bed, it also never bugged Jeff or pushed him out of the bed. So there is that use for the pillow, also I used it almost every time I nursed for about 4 months! It was great for propping Max up, and was so comfy, I honestly preferred this pillow over the regular boppy because it didn't form around me, but sort of just curved  nicely around me with good support for Max. After Max didnt need it for nursing anymore, I thought it had used it up, but a month ago I found another use for it! Max was learning to sit on his own, so I used this pillow to put behind him incase he fell backwards. Unlike the other boppy, it doesnt support him or hold him up, so this helped him practice on his own without the danger of hurting himself when he fell.

5. Hot Milk Nursing Bra- Ok, this one is basically just for the Moms (and Dads!). Nursing bras, if you have ever tried to find any, are typically pretty disgusting looking. They have to be full coverage and and supportive to hold up your now massive and milk filled boobs, but do they have to be so ugly and look like something that your grandmother currently wears? Lets face it, the months after pregnancy are not usually the most sexy in a woman's life. You are trying to loose baby weight, deal with the new stretch marks and are facing severe sleep deprivation. In my opinion, a cute bra, can help a lot with giving you a little pick me up! These bras are just as supportive and comfortable as any other nursing bra and are 10 times more sexy! It helps you feel a little more like a woman and not just a dead mommy. They are maybe a little bit more expensive than some other nursing bras, but well worth the extra money in self esteem:) -Oh, I would recommend waiting to get one until a few weeks after birth, so that way you can know what size you will be.  (PS, this site also has tons of fun lingerie for during pregnancy and after!)

6. Baby Bath Seat- Again, I know some babies love their baby baths and will just sit there and coo....Max was not one of those babies. For the longest time he hated the bath and in the little baby bath tub he would squirm and kick and fight. He hated just laying there. So when he was 3 1/2 months old we got this baby bath seat. Obviously, he could not sit up properly in it yet, but we put a towel behind him for some cusion and it worked great! You just put it in the regular bath tub and he sits right in it. He started to love bath time and splashing and not having to be laying down. At 7 months, we are still using this seat. Even though Max can sit on his own now, its nice to have him in this because he won't fall over and you dont have to worry about him hitting his head on the tub. I think we will use it for a while (probably until he figures out how to get out of it)! Max will play forever in the bath tub now!

7. Magnolia Organic Crib Fitted Sheet- If you have ever had to change crib sheets, than you know what a pain in the butt it can be, especially if you have a bumper on the crib. Well, I tend to be a little obsessive when it comes to sheets anyway, but I found crib sheets to be especially annoying. When we started out, we had the basic Target crib sheets, no big deal I didn't think it mattered, but one of them got really messed up in the dryer, so then we only had one sheet. I started looking around and found these sheets. We bought one and had to buy another as they are so soft and fit perfectly on the crib mattress without causing you to work up a sweat from trying to stretch this tiny sheet on the mattress. We have always had to change Max's sheets a lot, since he tended to spit up in bed, so maybe for some people, having an okay crib sheet would be no big deal, but not for us. Anyway, I recommend this sheet because it is comfy feeling and is actually large enough to fit a crib mattress that has a mattress cover on it, but it also stays taught and tight over the mattress as crib sheets are supposed to be. :) 

8. Silicone Baby Bib- We got a ton of clothe bibs for gifts and we used them a lot for Max on a daily basis ( for spit up and drool) but once he started eating some solids, we needed something a little sturdier that we hold in the mess. My sister had one of these bibs for her daughter and used it all the time, so when I found one at the store a few months ago, I just had to pick it up! It is, first off, very cute with the little bow tie, but it is also VERY useful. It cleans up so easily, you can just rinse it off, or even through it in the dishwasher from time to time. It has a lip on the bottom that catches anything that happens to fall out of Max's mouth. We use it for every meal time and love it! If you only buy one bib, buy this one!

As I have said in Many of my blogs, every baby and family is different, so what baby product you like/need might be completely different from the next person. What is a life saver for one person, may be annoying for the next. So, these are just my experiences:)