Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Days in the States...

It's only 3 days until Jeffrey and I leave the US and head out to the great country of England! Loads has happened to prepare for leaving in the last couple days/weeks....

First off, we finally finished cleaning our house, after what seemed like forever of cleaning. I really didn't realize how dirty my house was until everything was gone and I was forced to scrub the entire thing! Our housing inspection is tomorrow at 10am and both Jeffrey and I are kinda nervous. This will be our first base housing inspection and since we moved into a brand new house, we have heard it will be brutal! I guess anything we will just see if we end up paying for anything major to be fixed. We will most likely have to pay for the lawn since we were supposed to have the grass grown and green, but being that it snowed 2 days ago...it doesn't look great...I am hoping all our hard work in the effort to save money and clean the house ourselves will actually pay off.

I am officially not the President of the Malmstrom Spouses Club any longer and let me tell you that it feels great! Although, my year as Pres was fun and definitely interesting, I am glad it is over. I will probably join a spouses club over in England, but never again will I be in charge of one! I forgot how much drama girls can be:)

Oh- for those of you interested, I finally did get my visa. It came in on Friday and thank goodness too!

Since yesterday was Memorial Day, we had a get together with a bunch of our friends. Its weird to think that that was the last time I will see a majority of them...I can't even really seem to grasp it yet. Everyone has been so awesome in letting Jeffrey and I borrow/use  mattresses, sheets, tables, pans, cell phones, washer and dryers and so much more. I can't believe how amazing everyone has been. Thank-you so much to all the Great Falls friends out there! The last 2 weeks would have been miserable if it had not been for all our y'all's generosity!

Wow, what else? Only 10 weeks until little Baby Beene arrives! BTW we have decided we are going to call him Maximus and call him Max for short:) We haven't figured out a middle name yet, but a lot of people have been asking about a name, so there it is! I am feeling him move so much recently! He's getting really strong too! I am a little worried about the long flights as the doctor told me I have to walk around every hours for good blood flow...could be annoying when I'm trying to sleep haha. Hope it goes by fast!

People keep asking us (Jeffrey and myself) if we are excited or sad to be going to England, and honestly we are just ready to be there already! All the prep work is a little over whelming! I can't wait until I have a home again with my own things all set up! (although the movers say our stuff won't arrive over seas until Aug 1!) It finally feels like everything we can do here is done, and now were just waiting to get there and get more stuff done...we are just playing the waiting game now. There are a lot of questions and things we don't yet know about like in England but I am sure we will figure it out in England and will let everyone know:) Oh, after Thursday neither one of us will have working phones, so the best way to contact us is email or facebook. Yes, we will update stuff to let everyone know when we get there safe and have a house and all that:)

Next time I blog I will be in England! Eeeeek!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mama said there'd be days like this...

With only a few days left until my 26th birthday I got to thinking about all my past birthdays and what I was doing and how my life was during that time. The first thought to come to mind was the year I was 17.

I remember it so vividly:) My best friend and I were laying out to get a tan at the pool at my parents house. All we could talk about was how we wanted to lose weight and how we should work out more. We asked my mom to take a picture of us so we could see ourselves and have motivation for loosing weight. I'll never forget what my Mom said as she was taking the picture. She said "Girls, some day you are going to look back on this picture and be amazed at how good you looked and wish you looked like you do now" We just rolled our eyes and thought that there is no way we would ever think that! Haha, it's funny to say but my Mom was so right! It's sad to say that I have never been in better shape or weighed less since that time and thinking about it made me smile because I have never weighed more in my life than I do right now. It's funny how time changes things 9 years later. I realize that I am pregnant now and sort-of have an excuse for not being in great shape, but gaining weight kind of on purpose is so weird when you have tried your whole life not too gain weight.

Basically, I feel huge right now and know I'm only going to get bigger as I head into the last couple months of pregnancy, but there is nothing I can do about it now so might as well be happy with what I look like now and enjoy the baby growing inside me as much as possible! I realize that by the time I turn 27 I will be a mother and have a baby boy, so I have a lot to look forward too!

Baby Beene Update:
Officially in my 3rd trimester and for sure feeling it! Besides feeling large, which I already mentioned, baby is moving around like crazy and I can actually see my belly moving from time to time, which is a little creepy haha.
The only symptom I seem to be having is trouble sleeping. I seem to wake up every few hours and now I have the problem of not being able to get comfortable! I recently got a pre-natal pillow which seems to be helping, but sheesh, sleep just isn't something I have been getting a lot of. But I guess it's just preparing me for when baby actually gets here:)
People have been asking me about cravings, and so far, from my experience, I don't think they are real. The only things I have been eating a lot of is apples and lemonade, but I liked both of those things before I was pregnant, so I remain un-convinced thus far about the cravings theory.

Yesterday I finally filed for my visa and after we mailed it in, they said it could take  4-6 weeks to come in. Lets hope it gets here in under 3 weeks because that's when our flight leaves and that could create a problem:)
Movers are coming next week so for the past couple days I have been busy going through drawers and closets deciding what we want to keep, what we want to sell, what we want to put in storage, and what we want to throw away. Jeffrey and I are trying to keep the "less is more" strategy in mind. We really don't want to accumulate a bunch of junk we don't need, and moving is a great way to purge!