Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just about Max!

Just decide to write a quick blog about Max. Not sure if anyone cares, but here is what he has been up to lately:)
He is a funny kid who really likes to identify things. He points out things he sees all the time! He will go to someone new house and go around and point out the fridge and the microwave and couch and TV. He is really into flags recently and he and Jeffrey go over flag of the world every night, he has a flag poster in his bedroom and loves to point out all the flag he knows. Which, for the record, is more flags than I know. He knows nearly all the European flags... It's actually pretty impressive. 

He also really loves his trains. He will play with them more than any other toy and loves him Thomas movies! He always wants someone to play with him. He loves doing puzzles and playing with cars and planes. He makes the sound affects for them and it is so cute! He likes to build things. Mostly he is into mazes and car washes and garges. He likes Jeffrey and I to build them too and then he likes to destroy them. He laughs a lot! I am so thankful I have such an easy to please kid. 

He loves the moon and tries to find it every time we go outside, day or night. He loves watching the stop lights as we drive and tell me what each light means and when I need to stop or go.
He absolutely loves to play at parks, playgrounds and play places more than anything else! Once he sees one it is impossible to not let him play on it. He could actually play for hours and if other kids are playing too, it make it even better, he loves playing with other kids! He is a little bit of a climber and always finds wierd way to climb on things. He is not shy kid at all and loves to give " big hugs" and kisses! He talks to everyone and likes to tell people random things. Whenever he sees babies he pats them on the head and says"nice baby" , and then leaves them alone. 

He is very loud and likes to make noises of all kinds. He knows how to fake cry too and it's actually pretty hilarious. He is doing pretty well at potty training, mostly trained during the day. And it's nice not using diapers anymore. He does like to talk about his poop and pee though and he hasn't mastered always getting pee in the toilet. He talks a lot and is always listening to us even when we think he isn't. He remembers so much and can repeat things back all the time.  

He knows a lot of Spanish words. Jeffrey has been reading to him in Spanish since he was a baby and max asks me all time who to say something in Spanish and I have to say " uh, we have to ask dada when he gets home". 

He is super ticklish and loves having his back scratched. He loves the song " wheels on the bus" and I have to sing it to him every night before bed. Although he will never sing it for me when I ask, I often hear him singing to himself while he lays in bed at night. It is the cutest thing! 

He also loves playing with the iPad. We have to set timers for him and every time the timer goes off he looks up at me and smiles, like he's trying to get away with still playing even when his time is up. He really likes watching you tube videos of car washes and kids playing with Thomas the train. 

He is still a picky eater. Foods he loves are chicken nuggets, all types of cheese, yogurt, French fries, grapes, blueberries, crackers, hummus, ice cream, cupcakes, green beans, bananas, mandarin oranges , goldfish, food pouches, spaghetti, bread, waffles, oatmeal, cereal, fish sticks, macaroni, and Popsicles!
Food he hates and I cannot get him to eat are hot dogs, any kind of beef, any new type of veggie, or basically anything new at all. It is so hard to get him to try new things,  it once he does he usally likes it. 

He is a pretty decent sleeper  most of the time, but likes to play during nap time and doesn't always sleep. He has to have his Lovey to sleep and still has to listen to the waves on his sound machine.

I love my little boy so much more than I ever thought possible! He is a super funny kid and does wierd things sometimes! I thank God for my little 2 1/2 year old boy every day!

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  1. I loved reading this and absolutely love my sweet nephew!! Thanks for the update! I miss y'all!! Skype soon?