Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some of our house

Hey all, everyone has been bugging me to send pics of the house so here some are. It is just the downstairs because the upstairs is still not completely put together:)

Dinning Room
Living Room
We welcome you from Texas and Montana!

Living/dining Combo

The back side of our house (oh and me at almost 37 weeks preggo:)

Some other info and updates is that we finally did get a new crib since the old one is no longer alive. We are getting it delivered on Tuesday along with a new book shelf that was also critically damaged in the move. After the crib is up, I will gladly post pics of the Baby's room:) Speaking of Baby, I have officially packed my hospital bag and the bag for lil' Max. Since I went to the doctor last week, she told me I may go earlier than my due date due to the fact that I was already dilated. So, we'll see:) Oh, also Jeffrey and I tried to attach the car seat today in his little car ( Our new Ford Edge is still on a ship somewhere in the ocean) I heard something about it before, but we proved that American car seats will NOT fit in a British car...So we have a couple options. Either we buy a whole new car seat for Jeff's car, or we just wait and hope our car arrives here before Max does:) I think we are going with the latter and if for some reason Max gets here before the car, then we will buckle down and buy another car seat I guess. Or, there is always the option of simply walking (of course I would drive and Jeff could walk Max:) home from the hospital. The hospital where I will deliver is less than a mile from our house which has come in very handy:) We'll play it by ear.

Everything else is still going good, We should get our Internet finally set up in our house this weekend, and Labor Rehearsal is this week too! 

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  1. Sweet house! Love the Malmstrom bear with the TX rug. :)